Lumia 900 help net Nokia the Most Improved award in JD Power customer satisfaction survey


JD Power’s quarterly customer satisfaction survey results are out, and at first glance it may not read like the best news for Nokia.  Dig a bit deeper under the surface however and it is clear that Windows Phone’s excellent customer satisfaction numbers is pushing the Nordic company higher and higher in the ranks.

Mar-12 Sep-12 Growth
Apple 839 849 1%
HTC 798 790 -1%
Samsung 769 782 2%
Motorola 758 777 3%
Nokia 702 763 9%
LG 733 742 1%
Blackberry 733 740 1%
Palm 697 707 1%

Nokia’s customer satisfaction numbers for their smartphones improved from 702 to 763, a massive 41 points, much more than anyone else on the table, and overall a 9% increase on their previous performance.

It pays to bear in mind Nokia’s numbers are a combination of their Symbian and Windows Phone numbers. Unfortunately JD Power will not release the detailed breakdown of the numbers (we did ask), but a bit of sleight of hand does let us extract a rough estimate.

In March 2012 there were 1.56 million Nokia Symbian Windows Phones in USA (according to Comscore), and only a few Nokia Lumia 710 phones sold on T-Mobile, which we are choosing to ignore for the moment. This resulted in a score of 702.

In July 2012 there were 1.48 million Symbian phones, and probably around 600,000 Nokia Windows Phones (based on Nokia’s smartphone shipments to US in Q2 2012). Assuming Nokia’s Symbian customer satisfaction numbers remained static (a relatively safe assumption) we can see that to reach a Nokia customer satisfaction score of 763 their Lumia 900 handsets must have scored around 914, well above the 849 of the iPhone.

Now if Nokia sold less Lumias the customer satisfaction score for those handsets would have to be even higher to bring the overall score up that much, leading to the truism that Lumia owners just love their Windows Phones.

Anyone want to check our maths? Leave your result in the comments below.

See JD Power’s press release here.