Low-Income School District Chooses Windows Laptops Over Google Chromebooks


Google Chromebooks had the most success in the education market so far. The main reason is because of their low investment needed up front. Recently, Microsoft partnered with OEMs to develop low-cost Windows laptops that can compete with Chromebooks. Willis ISD, as with many school districts, a high percentage of students live in low income households where technology is not highly accessible. Willis ISD chose ASUS Transformer Book T100 tablets over Google Chromebooks. Transformer Book T100 tablets are equipped with Windows 8.1 for their flexibility, portability, and security.

“We did look at Chromebooks,” adds Menefee. “[And] we did not like the restrictions. It is a totally different atmosphere. They want to know where Word is or where Excel is because that’s what they’re used to using.”

When it comes to finding the right device for your school or classroom, Microsoft provides the resources schools need to both consume and create content. With our offering, schools don’t need to sacrifice or compromise their needs due to cost.

On the other side, Twickenham Academy in London, a Microsoft Showcase School which can afford high-end devices select Surface for their students.

“When we were choosing which device, we couldn’t think of a better device than the Surface,” adds Philip.

And what about the students? For Brendan Hellweg, a senior at Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts, his Surface has changed the way he uses technology. “It’s such a convenient tool, but at the same time it has so much utility, so many different functions, that it’s more than just a tablet,” says Hellweg. “It’s a great combination and I’ve loved using

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Source: Microsoft