Lovely LG Rolly keyboard shipping in November, just in time for the Lumia 950 XL

In August the LG Rolly rollable Bluetooth keyboard amazed us with its innovative design and great features.

Now Clove UK have started pre-orders for the accessory, with the device expected to ship before the end of November.

The Rolly is set to cost a pricy £79.99 (including VAT) or $103 for international buyers who do not need to pay the tax, but I think the oohs and ahs of onlookers when you unfurl the keyboard will be worth it.

With Continuum this also offers the option of turning a hotel HD TV into usable PC (while using the phone screen as a trackpad) without adding undue burden to your bag.

See a video demoing the device below and a hands-on video here.


See the device at Clove UK here.