Love laughing? iFunny, the Game delivers laughs and more

New this weekend to the Windows Phone Game Hub is iFunny, the Game. Delivering hillarious pics and the ability to enjoy those with the community through favoriting, sharing, and commenting is just the start. iFunny brings users a constant stream of memes and laughs from around the interwebs including

  • iFunny
  • 9gag
  • Damn You Autocorrect
  • FAIL blog
  • Demotivational
  • Work LOL’s
  • …an many more

With animated GIF support, the ability to search for your favorite LOL, and over 30 achievements, it’s up to you to climb to the top of the leaderboards in the iFunny community!

Organized around a set of central hubs, the application starts with a lists of Popular, Featured, and Favorite pics for you to choose from. If you exhaust those, or simply want to see the newest LOLs from a specific feed, it also has a customizable list of feeds that you can browse directly.

Infinite scrolling through any list or feed means that hours of enjoyment are at your fingertips, and an achievement system rewards you for many of the operations in the app, like sharing LOLs, looking at favorites, and rating the app.

Without a doubt, iFunny, the Game will keep you laughing along with all your friends. Download iFunny, the Game now from the Windows Phone Store.




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