Lose weight with Windows Phone 7

Now that the excesses of Christmas is over comes the weeks of austerity brought on by a New Years diet.

With a growing Marketplace Windows phone 7 can help.  Below are a collection of Windows phone 7 apps designed to help get rid of those excess pounds brought on by that last bit of Christmas pudding.


Diet Calculator contains an internal database of 7600 different foods, and help one easily calculate the nutritional value of food and work out if they meet your RDA, not just calories, but cholesterol, iron, calcium and a lot of other nutritional information. Diet Calculator costs $0.99 and comes with a free trial.


Bodywatch is a simple tracker, allowing one to plot one’s weight loss (hopefully) and provides an encouraging adage to keep one motivated. Body Watch costs $1.99

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Portion tracker is designed to help users stick to the P90X program of diet control, which sees users pass through different phases of food types. The first 30 days emphasizes higher protein and lower carbohydrates to teach the user the relationship between carbohydrates and energy. Participants then move to the second phase, which increases the percentages of carbohydrates. The third phase is a higher carbohydrate "athletes" diet. Each program lasts thirty days. By the end of the third program the user will be in the third phase, or "athletes" phase of the diet. The app helps users easily record what type of food they are and stick to the sometimes complex plans.

Portion Tracker is $0.99.


Score Diet is a calorie-counter type application, using weight-watcher type scores, where the user is able to eat anything up to a certain score per day, the limit being calculated by the app itself.

Score Diet is a massive $15.99.


Calories is a simply app which allows one to track daily calorie intake.  The app will also calculate what your ideal intake should be, and also allows one to export one’s daily data via e-mail. It does not however provide help in knowing how many calories is in each meal, unlike other applications.

Calories is $0.99.


Diet Points Calculator simply converts calories and fat content of a meal into points, presumable weight watcher ones.

Diet Points Calculator is $0.99.


Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson is perhaps the most interesting app, which unlike the other apps which concentrate on calorie control, uses the work of motivational speaker Andrew Johnson to “help dissolve the bad habits associated with overeating, eating too fast, eating at the wrong times “yo-yo” dieting etc.”, allowing one to lose weight while relaxing (supposedly).

For all that the app is a modest $2.99.


Fast Food Calorie Counter helps dieters who’s primary meals are fast foods, using a database from most major chains to help users see exactly how many calories is in a big whopper, and will also record one’s daily and weekly intake.

The app costs $2.99.


DietTrac allows one to track and graph daily caloric intake and calories burned. A reference section allows for quick web based look up of the caloric content of thousands of foods and drinks. One can also calculate caloric intake based on carbohydrate, protein and fat content of food. Calories burned for several activities are available and is calculated based on weight.

DietTrac costs $0.99.


Calorie Counter also helps track calorie intake, with a database of foods and products, lets one keep a food diary, activity log, weight chart, and best of all syncs with the Fatsecret website, where there is a whole community of dieters, with features such as recipe sharing. Best of all the app is completely free.

Are there any other apps we should be adding to the list? Let us know below.

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