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Loopt App for WP7 is now live on WP7 marketplace.Its built to take advantage of WP7’s unique user experience such as Live Tiles,etc. Here is the excerpt from press release.

“The Windows Phone 7 Loopt app is distinctly different from any version we’ve made,” said Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of Loopt. “Microsoft has created a smartphone experience that lets people get out of their phones and back to their lives. Loopt is all about using your phone as a tool to get out, find friends and socialize, and with this phone, Microsoft has opened up a new window into that valuable, social information.”

Features of the Windows Phone 7 Loopt app include:

  • Social map – See where your friends are right now on a map; discover places your friends like to visit.
  • Updates and photos – Quickly share your updates with friends, and optionally include photos with your updates. Also, check out friends’ photos and places they’ve been, and view their updates as they move around town.
  • Ping friends – Instead of going through the hassle of sending mass “Where are you?” text message, have friends connect with you on Loopt and “Ping” them when you want to meet up. When they respond (with a “Pong”), your map will light up with friends’ locations and updates. In less than a minute, you find out where your friends are, and you can arrange to get together.
  • Privacy controls – Only share your location with the people you want, when you want. Privacy is a fundamental design and functional priority for Loopt.

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