LookTel Windows Mobile software helps blind using object recognition



We wrote about this software last year, and it now appears closer to market.

LookTel is accessibility software for Windows Mobile which makes the task of identifying objects in the real world for sight-impaired users much easier.

Users running the LookTel Mobile software can use the cell phone’s touch-screen interface to navigate and the cell phone’s camera to recognize objects. The software however relies on the much more powerful OCR software called LookTel BaseStation running on a separate PC. When the PC receives a request to look up an image, it sorts through the image library to find the matching image stored in the database. It then sends back the information that permits the Smartphone to speak the description of the item.

LookTel “learns” to recognize new items by storing an image of the item, captured by the Smartphone, and matching it with a tag. The tag can be your own voice or a text tag that is read by the text-to-speech engine.

For tricky objects there is also a live-assistant portion that lets human beings tell you what’s going on around you as you point your phone’s camera at the scene.

LookTel Beta will be released in early Spring of 2010. During this Beta period LookTel software will be offered at a 30% discount. Unfortunately the company has not released pricing, but interested parties can enquire here.

Via Crunchgear.com

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