Look n Type app for WP7 shows you where are you heading



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imageMicrosoft has strict minimum hardware requirements for its WP7 Operating systems meaning OEM’s are finding hard to differentiate themselves in terms of hardware, resulting in them often turning their hand towards software.

HTC, Samsung, LG all has exclusive applications for their WP7 devices.  With DLNA and Augmented Reality LG however leads the pack, and has now made available a new free application for its Optimus 7  called Look n type.

It is an simple application which lets you to type with the background of what’s in front of you captured using the video camera instead of plain black screen.


The software allows one, once one finishes typing, to insert the message into a SMS or email, or to send it via twitter.

Unfortunately it confirms once again that, unlike regular developers, LG has exclusive access to the video camera API and can do things non-OEMs can not, meaning until the API becomes available we only have LG’s version, which is a pretty sub-optimal situation.

Hopefully a proper video camera API will arrive soon and alleviate this concern.

Amusingly not paying attention to one’s environment is one of the issues Microsoft plays up in their advertising, but clearly LG expects their Windows Phone 7 handsets to be just as engaging as any iPhone 🙂

Image Credit: Cnet

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