Lockscreen Text App for WP7


Lockscreen Text is an easy to use application that allows you to write a message on your lockscreen wallpaper. Although this is possible using an image editing application on your computer, you may not have a computer with you at all times. Lockscreen Text allows you to add text to your wallpaper, wherever you are. There are many reasons why you may want text on your phone.

If you have a password on your phone, and you lose it, a person who finds it won’t be able to see what number to call back on. With Lockscreen Text, you could display a contact number to call.

Lockscreen Text can also help in day to day activities. For example, you need to remember to get milk on your way home. You could add this to a ‘To-Do’ list type app, but you have to remember to check that app. What if you forget to run the ‘To-Do’ list app in the first place? With Lockscreen Text, ‘Remember the Milk’ is clearly visible on your lockscreen wallpaper, so you’ll see it everytimeyou pick up your phone. Of course, you can enter your entire shopping list in an app, and simply have “Check Shopping List” on your wallpaper. No more forgetting to do things!

Or, you could also display the contact number to call in case of an emergency. We have listened to customer feedback regarding ICE Alert and decided that Lockscreen Text would be a great way to let people know that if you have the ICE Alert app on your phone and that they can run it to see your medical information and emergency contacts. This way, the first responder will know where to get your important information from.

Lockscreen Text is $0.99. More information on Lockscreen Text can be found on the official website.

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