LocationMinder updated to version 3 with updated UI


29, 2014

LocationMinder version 3 released with updated UI.

Have you ever felt mad at yourself for forgetting to buy apples at the
grocery store after you have left the place? Have you ever think you could have
been richer if you remember to collect the $200 Peter owes you for that bet
against the ball game? LocationMinder is here to help! LocationMInder will
remember when and where you need to do your stuff. Simply use the search
feature, or use the map to pin point a location, and specify a radius at which
you want your phone to remind you, and you will never be angry at yourself

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Here is a summary of changes made:

  • New UI
  • Now Localized in French
  • Fixed problems with refreshing tiles
  • No longer forces you to add a live tile
  • Nokia Maps instead of Google maps
  • Radius defined by slide bar
  • At a glance screen pin clustering

LocationMinder Free
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