Location Reminder for Windows Phone 8

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You forgot everything when you just came home? You need to find a book for your friend, need to call your mom, do laundry, etc. But you cannot create a reminder “At 10pm, do laundry” since the time you back home was uncertain and you went to sleep at anytime. Frustrated?QR code for downloading the app

Or have you ever forgot  to stop at a shop along your road? You thought that you can remember to buy a gift at this shop, but you simply passed by it and waste time to come back.

Location Reminder is here for you. Location Reminder creates a reminder whenever you come in or go out a specific location. What’s else? Location Reminder keeps all the location information so that you can reuse it easily.

Simple, accurate and focus on its job. Try and enjoy it!

Usage note:

This app use GPS to keep track your location. There is internet connection when use this app. However, if the phone location is undetermined, this app cannot creates a reminder accurately.

Open the app all the time when you need to use it. Location Reminder can create a reminder even when you take a bus when you open the app. Otherwise, it can only create a reminder after 30 minutes.

Location Reminder uses Toast notification. Make sure that you have set the sound on “Other notification”.

This is our first app from Chameleons. Your feedback is very valuable for us.

Thank you.

Find Location Reminder in the Windows Phone Store here.

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