With Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory 3 well up and running and ready to start selling electric vehicles by the end of the year, attention has turned to Tesla’s long-promised European Gigafactory 4.

The location of the European car factory has been an issue of intense speculation, as many European countries vied to host the company.

Today at the Golden Wheel automotive award ceremony Elon Musk let the cat out of the bag and revealed the factory would be in the “Berlin area”, saying it would be “near the new Berlin airport,” and would be accompanied by a design and engineering centre in Berlin.

Musk had earlier said they were “accelerating” their European Gigafactory efforts and would have the factory operational by the end of 2021. Hopefully, lessons learned from China would help the California company beat that timeline also.

On Twitter Musk confirmed that the factory will produce the full range of components and also full vehicles, starting with the Model Y. The cross-over should be a very good fit for the European car market, where compact SUVs are particularly popular.

The increased capacity should help Tesla meet the demand for their much-loved vehicles, and also help eat into the somewhat parochial European car market. Tesla has seen significant success in the European market, helped by significant regulatory pressure by European governments concerned by climate change, but has had difficulties meeting demand due to needing to ship cars all the way from USA.  A new Gigafactory 4 in the heart of Germany should improve the situation significantly.

Via Electrek