LMT V.8 Multi-Touch To the MAX


The new world of Mobile technology was ever changed when the iPhone was released with the greatest Multi-Touch software. Well XDA member l3v5y has brought that and more to the Windows Mobile world. Him and a friend have created an application called LMT launcher, and what makes this application special is the ability to launch anything with the use of two finger gestures. It is a Multi-Touch based application launcher for the Windows Phone device the HTC HD2.

The application is truly amazing and after using it for about one month now on my HD2, I love it, and here is what the creator had to say about it.

Use the controller as a generic gamepad for e.g. FPSEce, morphgear or flash games. The controller is multitouch capable and converts the touches to key events. You can define the keys to be sent via registry value "ControllerKeys": Down, up, left, right, 1, 2, A, B, C, D, X, Y. The button "R" toggles between portrait and landscape mode and partial and full screen lock. The button "X" deactivates the controller mode. The registry value "ControllerVibrate" defines the vibrate status: 0=off, 1=default, >1=time in ms. To quickly install and configure LMTs controller with FPSEce and morphgear I made a fpse.ini file and a registry file for morphgear. The howto:

  • install FPSEce on internal memory
  • before first start replace the existing fpse.ini with the attached one
  • now start FPSEce
  • load a rom, start LMTs controller and have fun!


  • install morphgear and e.g. the generator plugin on internal memory
  • start morphgear and close it again
  • import the attached registry file
  • now restart morphgear again
  • load rom, start LMTs controller and have fun!

These aren’t the perfect settings since I only patched the key inputs to work properly with LMTs controller but it’s a good base for further settings. If anyone has better settings, it would be nice if he could post them here… 🙂
There are 3 blacklists available to exclude processes from taskswitching (BlackListSwitch), from the closeApp feature (BlackListClose) and to deactivate LMT when the process is the current foreground app (BlackListAll). Just add the full path to the process to the multistring. There is also 1 whitelist available: WhiteListBack. If Opera 9 is the current foreground app and you activate the internal command “Back”, LMT will send a special key to navigate back in Opera.
With the registry value “SingleTouchGestureSupport” you are able to activate or deactivate the single touch gestures (Square, Diamond and Delete) and with the registry value “TapAndHoldGestureSupport” you can activate a special feature where you can draw all dual touch gestures with one hand: Just tap with one finger somewhere on the screen and draw "one part" of the multitouch gesture with another finger. Then release the tapped finger and the gesture will be recognized.
Changelog 0.8

  • Fixed rotation feature
  • Controller button "R" now toggles between: Portrait (fg app touchable) -> Landscape (fg app touchable) -> Portrait (full screen lock) -> Landscape (full screen lock)
  • Added Mario feature in controller mode: The areas between A and B, C and D and X and Y will lead to both keyevents. When you e.g. run in Mario Bros. with button "C" and jump with button "D" you can run with "C" and then slide your finger right. Then "C" and "D" will be both pressed. Mario will run and jump… 🙂
  • Fixed rotate and exit button in controller mode (no interference with fg app)
  • Added dword reg value "ShowOverlay": 0=overlays deactivated, 1=overlays activated with default time, >1=overlays activated with custom time (ms)
  • Optimized square gestures
  • Removed arrow gestures
  • Added 5 new mt gestures: Double Diamond and Swipe left/right, right/left, up/down, down/up
  • Added 1 st gesture: Diamond
  • Added \Windows\services.exe to BlackListClose
  • Set new defaults for gestures (see registry!)
  • LMT is now rotation arware and works also in landscape mode (only 270°)
  • Controller supports now real landscape mode (e.g. for flash games)

You can try this out and download it over at XDA

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