LiveStrong’s calorie tracker app free for a limited time


LiveStrong has announced that their calorie tracker app for Windows Phone 7, normally $2.99, will be free till the end of August.

The app syncs with the online service at and the app will generate a daily calorie allotment based on your weight goals and allow you to track what you do daily to achieve success.

The app allows one to search an extensive database of more than 625,000 foods for nutritional information for each food item including calories, protein, fat, sugar, carbohydrates, cholesterol and more.

You can also search 2,000 fitness items and calculate how many calories you have burned with those activities.

windows_screenshotThe app features:

  • Search for any food or restaurant item and track with ease
  • Search any workout or activity and log your calorie expenditure
  • Sync with you online account at LIVESTRONG.COM
  • Manage your weight on-the-go with daily progress summaries and weight progress graphs
  • Take photos of what you’re eating and share with your social circles (Facebook, Twitter)

The app can be found in Marketplace here.