LiveJournal gets Location Detection for Windows Mobile using Google Gears




If you post to LiveJournal using PIE or the beta of Opera Mobile 9.7 on Windows Mobile they have just added a nice new feature.

When you do a post using the Post an Entry page, instead of entering text in the Location field of , you can just click Detect and your location will be automatically filled in. The information is based on on your IP address and includes your country, state (for the U.S. only), and city. If you install install the Google Gears client for Windows Mobile the software can detect your location down to the street address. So if, for instance, you take a cool photo of an abandoned place and want to post it in the community, you can click Detect and have the exact address of the abandoned place included in your entry.

Read more about the technology in action at LiveJournal here.


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