Liveblog on SE Xperia premiere

We are now watching the online presentation of the Sony Ericsson Xperia at While anyone could watch it of course some may not be able to get the video or spare the time, so we shall keep some notes here for later reference.











13:00 The presentation starts, and they show part 1 of the Jonny-X video. Present is Lee Taylor (PR), Magnus Anderson (Senior Product Manager for the X1 ) and Stewart Douglas.

13:05 The now talk about the rational of Jonny-X, and how the Xperia will help him recover his memory.

13:10 They compare the video to the Bourne identity, and say the video was recorded in Bangkok. Not much of interest to hardware fiends here unfortunately.

13:14 Next episode the 22th September, then Mondays and Fridays.

13:15 Finally the product manager talks about the hardware. Compares it to a tailored suite.

More after the break.

13:17: Says the buttons have been made with care by a real designer (funny as this is one of the poorest features of the phone.)

13:18 Talks about the panel concept. He shows a panel which he calls the Sony Ericsson desktop. He also shows the SE Media panel.

13:19 He says the phone will ship with a full-length movie in some countries. He says the video will show 30fps.

13:20 Talks about the Panels SDK, says he is working with other companies to make more 3rd party panels. he shows of the SE slideshow panel which will be available for download on release of the device.

13:21 He shows of the keyboard, says its really wide, which is good, and can be used to write long e-mails.

13:21 Asked whats unique about the device. Says he could share a power-point presentation from the phone (cant they all do that?)

13:23 Asked how panels is different from icons. Says icons are just shortcuts, but Panels are active desktops.

13:23 Says the Xperia does support handwriting recognition.

13:24 Asked why sub-brand was created, says it presents the best of the best of Sony Ericsson.

13:25 Asked why only 9 panels, told this was the most that could be displayed without being very cluttered.

13:25 Says the Xperia will ship from the 30th September. Says when it will come on shelves will be up to carriers, as will be the price.

13:26 Asked if the device will be upgraded to WM7, says he will not comment on this.

13:27 Asked if Sony Ericsson is shifting platforms, did not really answer. Says multiple platforms is a strength of the company.

13:27 Asked what the specs are, says 528 Mhz processor, 380 MB RAM which helps with multi-tasking.

13:28 Asked if SE was trying to attract a new kind of customer, says yes.

13:28 Asked if the device has GPS, says yes, very useful. Says he used Google maps ?included.

13;29 Asked about battery life, says it last 1-2 days, because its a small computer.

13:30: Asked if it will support flash and java, says java yes, flash later. Asked if it has TV out, says no.

13:31 Says they welcome competition from other device makers. Says they expect it to be very well received.

13:31 Asked if the keyboard is localized to countries, says yes.

13:32 Asked how the panel is different from a RSS feed or Widget. Says again a panel is a desktop, which can include a RSS feed.

13:33 Asked what makes the Xperia different from other WM devices. Says he thinks the metallic design is very nice, like a sports car or perfectly cut suite. Also says it has “everything there” and can truly multi-task, and has productivity and entertainment.

13:35 Asked if the P-Series will be discontinued, says they don’t discuss future products.

13:35 Says the webcast will be available from the 17th as a download, with further Jonny-X episodes from the 22 September.

Webcast ends.