Live Apps: much ado about nothing



Over the weekend Neowin received a tip from a Best Buy employee concerning marketing material that referred to something called “Live Apps” coming to Windows Phone 8, and folks have been trying to decipher exactly what that might be.

Live Apps is actually Microsoft’s new marketing term for any Windows Phone app that has the ability to present personalized live information on the Start Screen, such as Groupon deals or CNN news stories. Yes, that’s right, Live Apps are apps that have Live Tiles. Simple as that, nothing to see here.

The bigger scoop, in my opinion, is that Windows Phone (and Windows in general) is receiving such a prominent shelf presence at Best Buy, judging from the banners in those pictures. You definitely didn’t see that kind of noticeable presence of Windows Phone at Best Buys during this last generation of phones…

Source: Neowin

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