Little tweaks that could make Windows Phone easy for new users


9, 2011

Author rush24 // in News


Watching the video from a recent post on a usability study of the top four smartphone OSes, something became evidently clear. Even the Windows phone interface provides an intuitive and easy experience for most users, there is more that can be done to make it easier. One thing I saw that could improve it would be to have the app bar show text under the icon buttons by default instead of when the bar is swiped up (some of the comments on the post alluded to this). Watching the video, you could tell that the user had no idea what some of the icons meant.  There could then be a setting to toggle the text on and off for people who didn’t want the text. A second tweak would involve changing the three ellipses to an upward facing arrow (maybe still made of dots) to hint to the user to scroll up.

I think these two tweaks and especially the first one would not be that hard to implement with a minor software update. What do you guys think?

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