Listen to articles and documents with Share to Speech in a convenient way


2, 2014

Share to Speech for Windows Phone

Share to Speech is a universal app exclusively available for Windows platform that raises the bar of text to speech to a such level that many people will find it as a preferable way of following the articles.

It offers feature set that no other app on any platform can match:

  • start the speech in seconds from any app that supports sharing, including Internet explorer, Office and nearly all news apps
  • a data connection is used only to download the text of the article, no streaming of sound over the internet that can’t fit into a data plan
  • queue the speeches into the speech list, walk/jog/do housework and listen
  • 13 languages supported with auto language detection
  • share to the phone using the Windows 8.1 app and articles will appear automatically in a short time (and will be available later even without the data connection)
  • share to the PC and listen with the Windows 8.1 app
  • tracking of unread articles and an indicator on the live tile.

The Windows Store app is currently featured at no. 1 spot on the Windows Store and was awarded on Windows 8.1 Developers Contest.

QRCodeLite edition contains the core of the app for free. If you want just the phone version you should go with this edition as its two phone related in-app purchases are still cheaper than full suite.

Full edition is currently discounted to 3.99$ (will be 4.99$) and it includes 7 day free trial.


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