LinkedIn now allows essential service organizations to post jobs for free


2, 2020

Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, hospitals and nonprofits working on disaster relief and essential services (such as supermarkets, package delivery and warehousing companies) are finding it difficult to hire the people they need.

To help these organizations in filling these critical roles quickly, LinkedIn today made three announcements, read about them below.

  1. LinkedIn now allows these organizations to post jobs for free on LinkedIn free for the next three months.
  2. LinkedIn will direct the right talented people with the right skills to these roles by tagging critical frontline healthcare roles, such as doctors and nurses, as urgent and bringing them front and center on the LinkedIn homepage and in its jobs homepage.
  3. LinkedIn has expanded its Recruiting For Good program to deploy its own team of recruiters to source and screen talent for organizations on the front lines so that these organizations can fill urgent paid and volunteer positions. Already more than 100 LinkedIn employees are participating in this program.

If you need support with urgent hiring, you can contact LinkedIn via this form.

Source: LinkedIn

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