LinkedIn introduces a new way to say thanks and show your appreciation for others

People say thank you and recognize others frequently on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now making it easier for its members to give a shout-out to others. LinkedIn Kudos is a new feature through which members can have a fun and easy way to share their appreciation for people in their professional community.

Here’s how to use this new feature:

  1. Open your LinkedIn app on iOS or Android and tap on the ribbon icon in the share box at the top of your feed.
  2. Select a connection or multiple people to send kudos to teams big or small.
  3. Choose from the 10 kudos categories, like “Team Player,” “Amazing Mentor,” or “Inspirational Leader.”
  4. Post to share the kudos to your LinkedIn Feed and the person you recognized will receive a notification letting them know that you gave them a shout-out, in addition to seeing it in their feed.

LinkedIn Kudos feature is now rolling out now globally in the LinkedIn iOS and Android apps, and it is also coming soon to desktop.

Source: LinkedIn