LinkedIn announces Conversation Ads, a new messaging-based ad format for better engagement

LinkedIn today announced a new messaging-based ad format called Conversation Ads. Since people are spending more time in mobile messaging apps these days, this new marketing solution allows marketers to reach customers where they spend their time. Conversation Ads lets marketers create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customized calls-to-action, like product education, webinar sign-ups, and ebook downloads.

Conversation Ads include a variety of options to help you serve more personalized content based on where your prospect is in the customer’s journey. These ads are designed to help your prospects and customers access the content and offers most interesting to them instantly, driving higher-quality engagement for you.

Here’s what you can do with Conversation Ads:

  1. Deepen engagement with your audience: Set up multiple call-to-action buttons so prospects can access the content and offers they want, such as a whitepaper or event page, all in one ad — and you can keep them engaged throughout their journey.
  2. Turn conversations into quality conversions: Drive higher quality leads more quickly into your pipeline by asking qualifying questions and including Lead Gen Forms for instant, easy lead collection.
  3. Better understand your audience’s intentions: Gain deeper insights about your target audience with detailed click reporting showing how many people click on your content and each offer and how engaged they are in the conversation.

Conversation Ads will be rolling out globally as a public beta to all marketers over the next few weeks.

Source: LinkedIn