Linked Profiles in Windows Phone Mango

We already know that Windows Phone Mango will bring linked inboxes which is a much better way to organize ones email accounts just the way you want it instead of unified inboxes found in competing OSes. Did you know that they have extended this feature to the People card? I for one did not and have no seen it reported anywhere else. If so, forgive me for being late. The whole video which is a presentation by Microsoft’s Daniel Egan and Scott Cate is pretty good. If you are pressed for time, watch from minute mark 9:25 where this feature is described. It seems to go beyond the linking of Facebook and phone contacts. This will be useful for the twitter integration where people don’t usually use their real names or have multiple accounts and further down the line with Skype. Now, a Windows phone user can aggregate all that information under one person’s card.

For all you guys who have the latest 7712 build installed, let us know how it works.

Update: Sorry guys, the feature has already existed since version one of the WP7 OS. I had the mistaken impression from watching the video that something had changed in the Mango release but I was obviously wrong.

Update 2:  Apologized too early.  Scott explained what is new here:

Hi Guys – This demo was a ton of fun to put together. To clarify, there are a couple of new Mango features, and a few left overs from 7.0 (NoDo).

Original 7.0 Feature. Link Profiles from Email (Gmail / Exchange / Yahoo / etc). This would let you see all the phone numbers, emails, inside a Linked Profile. Old news to some.

New in Mango, is the ability to add Twitter, and Linked in Profiles. On the Linked Profile, there is a History Tab, that shows all the history with that contact, against all the Email / Text / Social Profiles.

New in Mango, when you are texting this Linked Profile, you can “switch” between them, on the same screen. So you can jump from Text, to Facebook Chat, to Live (MSN) chat, all on the same screen.

Also, you can post directly to Facebook on the Linked Profile, assuming you have a Facebook linked item, in that profile. Also new, is the Linked Email Inbox, that let’s you define where you email shows up on your phone. And I’m (still) loving the Pinned Inbox Folders.


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