Special edition versions of the Xbox One S may be arriving soon


The Xbox One S, the semi-successor to the Xbox One announced at E3 2016, is due to be launched next month August with a whopping 2 TB of storage, 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, all for $399. Well what’s a product launch without some limited edition models? Well according to Xbox Insider @ekim_gaf, we may just be receiving two such models, one a Gears of War special edition (pictured above), and the other a special edition bundle for Halo 5: Guardians.

Now these are far from official, so treat them as such, but the Gears of War bundle is supposed to be a 2 TB, and reportedly comes with a digital copy of the $100 Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition, which includes a season pass and other digital goodies. This also allows you to play the game 4 days before the public release of the game, which is October 11th. The price would be $449.99 if you chose to grab this bundle, though it is stated that the price is subject to change. Keep in mind that Gears of War 4 is a “Play Anywhere” title, which means that you’ll have the option of playing on the Xbox One S or on Windows 10.

As far as the Halo 5 bundle, the console doesn’t look as “artistically crafted” as the Gears of War, just comin in plain white with a plane white controller. The bundle just includes a physical copy of Halo 5, and trades in its 2 TB hard drive for one that half as large at 1 TB. No word has been given as far as release date or price on this one, but with half the storage it’ll presumably cost less that the $449 Gears of War bundle.

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