Lightning Task v2.1 update now available

Lightning Task is a highly featured task manager/to-do list with a strong emphasis on speed and efficiency. Its user interface is intuitively designed to minimize the amount of tapping and finger work needed to get the job done.

With the Lightning Apps, every second counts.

V2.1 Update:

  • Recurring tasks: tasks can now be set as recurring, and can recur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • In Progress tasks: tasks can now be marked as in progress, allowing for more precise task management for those who need it.
  • Added two new views to the main page: In Progress, and Recurring Tasks.
  • Updated visuals to look cleaner, sharper, more minimalistic, as well as offering more screen real estate
  • Changed "Hidden CheckBox style" selection to a more natural and versatile "half edit, half select", where tapping the left half of a task opens the task for editing, and tapping the right half of a task selects the task for applying action to. Tasks will show hints demonstrating where to tap.
  • Changed "due" view’s last header to "next week", limiting the view to two weeks for less confusion.
  • All tasks in the "due" view are now sorted in ascending order.
  • Minor speed improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that causes app to crash when loading a huge number of tasks into view.

Features include:

  • Fast multi-view layout that can sort tasks based on category, due date, priority, in progress, recurring, or by search terms.
  • Search function that helps find specific active or previously completed tasks
  • Smart view headers which tell how many tasks remain that fit a certain sorting criteria
  • Smart view headers can also feature a "+" button which can automatically set a new task to fit the respective sorting criteria
  • Live tile which indicates how many incomplete tasks remain and the Lightning Apps mascot "Esc" featuring different facial expressions based on the number of incomplete tasks remaining
  • Customizable categories
  • Automatic alarm reminders
  • Macro-selection commands that can apply changes to multiple tasks at once
  • Many quick due buttons such as "3 hours from now" or "+1 day" which can set the due date/time to very specific parameters automatically
  • Task can have an optional specified location, which can be viewed on a map
  • Task can have optional "notes" field
  • Option to set how long to keep old completed tasks
  • Customizable default due time
  • Tasks can be set as recurring, and can recur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis
  • Tasks can be marked as "in progress", providing more precise task management for those who need it.

Price is $0.99 USD
Includes a 7-day free trial
Visit for more info.
For suggestions, comments, or support, contact me at [email protected].

The ap can be found in Marketplace here.

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