Lightning Task Manager for Windows Phone 7


23, 2012

Lightning Task screenshot 1 Lightning Task screenshot 2

Lightning Task logoLightning Task is a highly featured task manager/to-do list with a strong emphasis on speed and efficiency. Its user interface is intuitively designed to minimize the amount of tapping and finger work needed to get the job done.

Features include:

  • Fast multi-view layout that can sort tasks based on category, due date, priority
  • Search function that helps find specific active or previously completed tasks
  • Smart view headers which tell how many tasks remain that fit a certain sorting criteria
  • Smart view headers can also feature a “+” button which can automatically set a new task to fit the respective sorting criteria
  • Live tile which indicates how many incomplete tasks remain and the Lightning Apps mascot “Esc” featuring different facial expressions based on the number of incomplete tasks remaining
  • Customizable categories
  • Automatic alarm reminders
  • Macro-selection commands that can apply changes to multiple tasks at once
  • Many quick due buttons such as “3 hours from now” or “+1 day” which can set the due date/time to very specific parameters automatically
  • Task can have an optional specified location, which can be viewed on a map
  • Task can have optional “notes” field
  • Option to set how long to keep old completed tasks
  • Customizable default due time

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Price is $0.99 USD, and includes a 7-day free trial.

Visit CaveKnight website for more info.

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