LG’s triangular rolling TV stand completely misses the point

LG is set to commercialize their flexible screen rolling TV this year, and the above design may be exactly what it looks like, going by three patents published on 28 February 2019 which  LG filed with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office).

If so, that would be a tragedy.

The patents (noticed by LetsGoDigital) show the rolling TV screens ensconced in a triangular base station which also had enough space for a 100 Watt Dolby Atmos speaker. 

LG patented both a sharply edged and rounded version of the base station.

The design contrasts starkly with the version LG showed off at CES 2019 where the TV had the rather magical tardis-like quality of a large screen appearing from a small box.

LG’s pyramid-like base station is completely counter to that promise, and one can imagine the base station could as easily hold and elevate a normal and much cheaper non-rolling screen without any change in design.

What do our readers think of LG’s new look for their rolling TV? Let us know below.