LG Quantum, Samsung Focus price cuts may be permanent

US carrier AT&T recently slashed the prices of two WP7 devices – the LG Quantum and the highly popular Samsung Focus – to a mere $99 USD on a two-year contract. The price without a contract also fell to $399.

It is possible this was a random sale or temporary discount, however WMPoweruser reader Saad Hashmi believes it could be a permanent price change: the cut has not been advertised as a sale, and has been introduced offline as well as online. He reports:

Today my cousin needed to return a router to AT&T so I went to the local store in Southern California and I decided to check out the price. There it was on the sign: “$99 on contract”. That rules out a web-only sale too. So after my cousin had returned the router. I asked one of the employees there about the phone’s price. He said they just got word of the new pricing last night and changed it in-store this morning. I asked him if it was permanent and he replied, “I’m not completely sure. Like I said, we only just got the message yesterday and it just said to change the price” (not 100% his words).

AT&T is an important first port of call for many smartphone buyers looking for a new contract; if this pricing scheme is permanent, it may indicate a more aggressive approach towards pushing WP7 to customers, which can only be a good thing. However, that the WP7 devices are placed at the bottom of AT&T’s smartphone catalogue may tell a different story.

The HTC Surround, as before, remains at $199.

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