LG Panther shipped to dev’s, hands-on video

It appears the LG Panther is to be the Windows phone 7 developer device.  Two of the handsets have shipped to InnovativeSingapore, who have published some pictures and the above video.

They report:

  • This is definitely still a prototype device, and there are still quite a few rough edges to be fixed. The device OS is still being updated with new builds almost every other day.
  • Even the packaging and box is expected to be different before the final product ships. For example, the current box is not even using the correct Windows Phone 7 logo.
  • Despite it’s prototype status, the phone appears to be more or less feature complete and incredibly responsive and fast. The animations are all very smooth.
  • For the time being, you need a special build of the desktop Zune software (Dorado) to sync with the device; the current released version of desktop Zune software won’t work.
  • The camera works pretty well, and the resulting photo is sharp, as you can see below:

See more at InnovativeSingapore here.

Via WMExperts.com