LG may not release its futuristic rollable phone



LG is one of few companies that’s supposed to launch a rollable smartphone this year, but South Korean tech firm seems to have a change of hearts about the product. According to Yonhap News, the company has told display supplier BOE and other suppliers to put the development of its first-ever rollable phone on hold(via Android Authority).  However, it’s not entirely clear whether the company has scrapped the project altogether.

LG’s rollable phone was part of the Explore project, which also includes the recently-released T-shaped Wing smartphone, but unlike Wing, the rollable phone may not turn into a real device. While this might be disappointing for tech enthusiasts, we’re not surprised as the company is reportedly looking to exit the smartphone business. Though, we don’t know the exact reason why LG has decided to put the project on hold.

The company first teased its rollable smartphone at this year’s CES event, leaving all of us even more excited about the device. But it looks like we may never be able to get our hands on the device. The company, however, didn’t officially confirm that it’s scrapped the plan to launch the smartphone.

If this report is to be believed, LG is no longer in the race to become the first smartphone brand to release a rollable smartphone. This means all eyes are now Samsung, Oppo, and TCL, which are also expected to release their first-ever rollable phones.

How many of you’re excited about the arrival of the rollable phone? Let’s know down in the comments.

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