LG’s Lancet is a mid-range Windows Phone for Verizon


5, 2015

The previously leaked Verizon LG Windows Phone has just resurfaced one more time, and this time nothing is left to the imagination. Windows Central has just received a few documents which reveal everything about the device.

LG Lancet

First of, the device is known as the LG Lancet. While the original leak from Neowin speculated that the LG device would be known as the Lancet, it’s nice to have some more proof. The device features a 4.5 inch screen, sharing the same resolution as the Lumia 635 albeit with a  TFT screen as opposed to an IPS LCD one. It weighs 143 grams and comes with a quadcore Snapdragon 410 processor with 8GB of internal storage to round out the specs.

LG Lancet

Checking out the brochure above, LG has – like HTC and Samsung – chosen to offer more of its Android differentiators on the Windows Phone platform. This includes Knock- on which allow you to double tap to either lock or unlock the device as well as quick memo and gesture shot. Pricing and availability details are currently unknown but it will be available as a Verizon exclusive, like the Samsung Ativ SE.

Its nice to see one of the original Windows Phone manufacturers return to the fold, albeit with a low-end handset in a market that is already crowded. While we would like to see more high-end devices, LG’s offering looks like it at least had some thought put into it so we’ll let that slide. Check out the source link below for more details

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