LG Incite review



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The LG Incite may possibly be one of the most under-reviewed Windows Mobile devices in recent times. Thankfully thats slowly changing, with Brighthand publishing their review of this full-screen smartphone.

They seem to like the device and concluded:

Compared to some other Windows Mobile devices that I’ve reviewed, the Incite put a smile on my face more times than not. Its quality as a mobile phone, great battery life, and 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity for Web was impressive. I was happy to be able to get rid of the stylus, and then angry those times that I needed it.

The Incite was released at about $250 with a 2-year contract. At that price, it was more than its most notable competitor (the Apple iPhone), and did not offer the same amount of functional polish. Nevertheless, with the recent price reduction to $100 (with 2-year contract and mail-in rebate), a lot of the polish can be forgotten, at least until you dig beyond the surface and find that the beauty of the Incite is mostly just skin-deep.

Read the full review here.

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