LG eXpo not “Discontinued” just yet


There have been some rumors making its way around the web saying the LG eXpo has been discontinued. I had a talk with a rep and can therefore clarify the situation. The rumor says since the eXpo has not been available for some time now one, it must therefore be discontinued. That rumor jumps the gun before thinking about why this could be happening.

There are many reasons why the restocking of the LG eXpo is taking longer than desired time. The biggest we can think of is the device has a very high demand and when it becomes available, it quickly becomes unavailable due to high demands. The second reason I could think of is, since it is getting close to the holidays in china where the device is made, the production is a little slow, and the will not get the order in soon. Whatever the cause of this might be, the device is not discontinued and the reps just say to wait and it shall be available soon enough.