Let your little Picassos express themselves with your Windows Phone!

At Windows Phone Parent we are committed to helping parents find amazing applications for their Windows Phones. Our latest app review outlines the good and bad of Toddler Paint, an app made by a parent after realizing that many of the drawing apps in the App Store do not fulfill the needs of a very special group of Windows Phone users: toddlers (children from 18 months to 3 years of age).

If you have a little one that loves to draw with lots of colors, take a look at Toddler Paint.

Now without further ado, here is our app review:

Toddler Paint

The Bottom Line:

Toddler-friendly drawing app with a color picker right beside the canvas and easy settings to change the brush size and canvas color.

The Good:

  • Thoughtful settings – The app has simple, thoughtful options that allow kids to easily clear the screen, toggle the canvas color, and adjust the brush size according to their artistic abilities.
  • Ability to save the masterpiece – The app allows you to save your little one’s masterpiece to your phone so you can save it for prosperity or share it with the world.
  • Free with ad support or paid without ads – This app has an ad-supported free version and an ad-free paid version, which in our opinion is totally worth it if your toddler likes to paint!

The Bad:

  • No multi-touch support – Multi-touch support is a must in any toddler app. Unfortunately, Toddler Paint does not offer it, so painting can be difficult for little ones that don’t know how to hold the phone without touching the screen.
  • Room for improvement: Color picker for parents to set up – It would be great if parents could choose the colors that go on each of the 10 spots in the color picker, as some kids prefer to use only certain colors. This, of course, would be something parents would have to adjust, just like the brush thickness.

The Ugly:

  • We could not find anything ugly about this delightful app. If you discover something new or something that could be improved with this app, please leave a comment and we will consider adding it to this post.

The Amazing:

  • Truly made for toddler – The developer was inspired by his son, and it is very obvious to us that he has designed this app for users 18 months to 3 years of age. The app is very simple to use and it provides all the necessary controls for very small children to allow them to just concentrate on painting, not on complicated settings.

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