Leo Keypad Notification

image Knowing when you have something waiting for you on your device is a little hard with the HD2 because you have to take it out your pocket, but with this tweak, your keypad alerts you. This tweak created by XDA member NetRipper, who managed to get the HD2’s keypad to blink when you have a notification. This could save you the time of sliding out the whole device out of your pocket, but just taking out half the device to see the keypad and slide back in.

This application is very limited, but some people might find it useful. To help the developer included this information with the download link:

There are currently a few versions to this app, and they can be found in the attached zip:

The exe indicates what notifications it checks for. You only need to use one of the executables. Choose the one that fits you.

Copy the exe to \Windows\Startup if you want it to autorun on boot.

You don’t get confirmation when the app is started or closed (you close it, by starting it a 2nd time).

If you also use KeypadLedControl, you may get some irregular blinking during notifications. Nothing serious.

Here’s a list of ideas some people want me to add, but I don’t make any promises and I tend to spend my time on other things:
– Disable notifications after X minutes.
– Ability to select the type of notifications by configuration.
– Ability to change the blinking sequence (speed, nr of blinks, etc) (and preferably able to set different sequences per notification type)
– Knightrider style blinking (though currently seems not possible)
– Ability to use camera flashlight as notification light (thread)
– Temporarily don’t blink when a call is active, even when there are notifications
– Disable blinking after unlock (until newer notifications come up)
– notify on voicemail

Source code can be found here: http://github.com/netripper/LeoExtendedNotifications

You can get the download link over at XDA.

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