Lenovo’s Motorola not planning a Windows 10 phone, sticking to “pure Android”




Colin Giles, Motorola’s global sales leader has told the Telegraph that the Lenovo-owned company had no plans to release any Windows 10 Phones.

“There are no plans to start launching operating systems other than Android. One of the key differentiators for us is the pure Android experience, and we’re deeply proud of that, because we believe it brings a much better software experience to consumers, and faster upgrades,” he said.

Motorola was previously owned by Google, with Lenovo completing its purchase in October 2014.  In the most recent quarter Motorola shipped 7.8 million smartphones, slightly less than Microsoft’s 8.6 million.

It has been hoped that once away from Google we may see Motorola add Windows phones to their roster, particularly in view of Lenovo’s success with windows laptops in recent years and their expressed interest in releasing a Windows Phone as recently as 2 months ago.

Lenovo’s Motorola should of course be differentiated from Motorola Solutions, a stand-alone company which specializes in devices for industrial use, and who is currently working on a Windows Phone for that purpose.

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