The addition of a second monitor to a work-space can enhance an employee’s productivity by as much as 40%.  Expanding the limitations of a single computer makes it possible to operate multiple programs simultaneously; thereby utilising a worker’s skills to their fullest extent.  It’s like having two workers for the price of one (at the expense of the employee).

Apart from increased worker stress, buying a second monitor for every work station has its drawbacks- namely cost.  Now, a new patent from Lenovo could make these issues a thing of the past.

The patent describes a plug-in system, used to extend a screen’s display.

Certain types of monitors may be required for a particular type of job or task. For example, a graphics designer needs a large high-resolution monitor as opposed to a typical worker. The replacement of a monitor or monitors can even be more troublesome and costly on all-in-on devices, the entire system must be replaced. Thus, they would be able to reduce the overall cost of a monitor replacement or upgrade.

In addition, certain types of monitors may be required for a particular type of job or task. For example, a graphic designer may need a large, high-resolution monitor, unlike a typical employee. Replacing one or more monitors can be even more costly and time-consuming with all-in-on devices, and the entire system needs to be replaced. It would be beneficial for a business, or even an individual, to reduce the overall cost of replacing or upgrading monitors

The design would also essentially upgrade your PC, bringing it from mediocre-sized to flat-screen TV-sized.

Company advantages aside, the implementation of a plug-in extension would also reduce e-waste when the time comes to upgrade.  Self-employed workers will also appreciate the extra space in their private workspace, too.  Let’s not forget about professional gamers- but that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Source: Windowsunited