Many people like to decorate their living spaces with personalised art or photos, thanks to the increasing availability of digital photo frames on the market.  While these frames start off as the centrepiece of the room; after some time, it’s inevitable that they will, too, camouflage into the background- just like the other pictures on the wall.

Lenovo has just announced its Smart Frame, whose 21.9″ display guarantees a persistent eye-catching presence.

The frame-style bezels make it indistinguishable from a traditional photo-frame, down to the last detail- that is, until the slideshow progresses.

The true painting-like finish that you see is attributed to the anti-glare coating on the Smart Frame. This, combined with the 1,920 by 1,080 FHD resolution screen, and 85-degree viewing angle, really help to pull off the “hand-crafted” look.

To really put the cherry on the cake, Lenovo integrated an ambient light and colour tone sensor, which adjusts the picture’s brightness and overall “temperature” to appear as natural as possible in its surroundings.

The built-in motion sensor at the front of the Smart Frame lets you advance the slideshow by a wave of the hand.  Alternatively, you can use the companion app to change the photo being displayed; in which AI technology will help you choose the highest-quality images that are compatible with the Smart Frame.

The slideshows are also customisable, thanks to a collage feature that will let you simultaneously display a few different images.  A rumoured “look back” feature will also help satisfy the nostalgia element that traditional photo frames often have.  Alternatively, art lovers can choose from hundreds of different pieces from the accompanying app.

Installation won’t be an issue, thanks to the snap-on mounting system, which includes a circular mount on the back of the frame, and tools to secure it to the wall.  This also lets you rotate the frame to your desired orientation.  Though, if you have a fear of DIY, or just really want to make a statement, you could go the extra mile and purchase an easel.

Finally, the Smart Frame will include a microphone and a pair of 2-watt speakers.  This creates the possibility of integration with Smart Home Assistants, as well as support for video playback.

The Samsung Smart-Frame will set you back $400- which is around the same price as a hand-painted canvas; so if you’re an avid art collector, you may want to consider this as your next addition.

Source: Engadget