Lenovo Announces LINK Dongle Which Mirrors Your Android Device On Windows PC




At CES, Lenovo today announced LINK 32GB dongle that connects Android devices and Windows computers. It creates a mirror image – “picture-in-picture” – of your smartphone on the full screen of your PC. Once connected, you can use your PC’s mouse and keyboard to control all apps in your phone. You can charge your smartphone, copy and paste text, drag and drop files, music and videos across operating systems from your PC to smartphone.


Free Flowing Files: Mobile cloud storage is a great convenience, but it only goes so far, especially when using unpaid versions. Skip the hassle of uploading files to the cloud or emailing massive documents between your smartphone and PC. With the simple and instant connection of Lenovo LINK 32GB, you can view documents saved to your smartphone, drag and drop documents from your PC to smartphone, and clean up document file storage using your single screen and mouse and keyboard inputs.

App Ease: Whether you’re avoiding the need to download duplicate apps on your smartphone and PC, or simply want the convenience of viewing your smartphone apps in picture-in-picture mode, Lenovo LINK 32GB simplifies the sharing process. Control your apps and documents – whether they live on smartphone or desktop – through the clicks of one mouse, and utilize your full-size keyboard to conveniently type in-app, avoiding the annoyances of typos and autocorrect.

Flawless Photos and Videos: Sharing photos and videos – whether on social media, via email, or in digital albums – is one of our favorite ways to recall wonderful memories and keep in touch with friends and far away family. While many apps can brighten or enhance photo coloring, editing photos and videos captured on smartphones to perfection is often challenging when limited to your smartphone’s smaller screen. View your smartphone screen in picture-to-picture mode, and drag and drop photos from your PC to smartphone to take full advantage of more advanced PC software, such as Lenovo Photo Master 2.0, that will take your photos to the next level.

Control Center: At work our desks can become cluttered with devices – our smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors a jumble of cords, not to mention a distraction to where we rest our gaze. Centralize everything into one device to simplify your workday. Imagine the productivity and extra time you’ll have being able to focus on just one screen.

Lenovo LINK 32GB is compatible with Android 5.0 and above and Windows 7/8/8.1/10. With up to 32GB of storage and measuring only 78 x 21 x 9 mm, Lenovo LINK 32GB is a acompact computing assistant. Priced at $39.99, Lenovo LINK 32GB is available starting March, 2016.

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