Leda Entertainment launch AstroSwag and InterSceptre

Leda Entertainment are pleased to announce the release of their first two titles for the Windows Phone 7 – AstroSwag, a space salvage action game and InterSceptre, a retro-style bat and ball game – each for the price of only £0.99p.

AstroSwag features two modes of play: in “Survival Mode”, the player progresses through each round in turn in an attempt to rack up the highest score, while “Challenge Mode” allows the replay of single rounds with the objective of achieveing the highest possible rank. On top of these, there are numerous achieveable “feats” to discover and secret content to unlock – and by switching on the in-game web link, players can post their accomplishments online.

InterSceptre’s blend of classic arcade games such as Pong and Breakout has you facing a computer opponent across an arena; the aim of the game is to break through the opposing wall of bricks while preventing your opponent doing the same to you. Features such as black holes, indestructable blocks and power up/down tokens allow for many playing strategies – additionally, InterSceptre is highly configurable with many game options to alter the difficulty.

The full press release for both these titles is available at the downloads page of the Leda Entertainment website, and a video trailer can be seen on YouTube. Additionally, further information on both titles can be found at the the Leda Entertainment Website.

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