Leda Entertainment launch AstroSwag Update


Following its successful debut on the Windows Phone 7, Leda Entertainment are proud to announce the first major update to their "Space Salvage Action" game AstroSwag.

“The feedback we’ve had since the launch has highlighted a few minor issues in the way the game plays,” explains Ben Pritchard, principle designer/developer of AstroSwag and co-founder of Leda Entertainment. “We’ve taken this opportunity to address these points, and refine several facets of the gameplay. The overall difficulty has been retuned and we’ve added in a lot of new content.”

Features of the update include:

  • Two new control methods, allowing the player to select the style that best suits them
  • Greater variety in enemy response, making the game friendlier to new players while remaining challenging to veterans
  • Improvements to crystal/receiver colour selection in-game
  • “Boss” battles at the end of every zone when playing in survival mode.

AstroSwag remains priced at a modest £0.99, making it less expensive than many games on the Microsoft Marketplace. A free trial mode can also be downloaded, consisting of the first seven levels of survival mode gameplay.

AstroSwag can be found in Marketplace here.

Contact Details:
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Leda-Entertainment