Leaked Orange FR memo confirms September 15th Mango target, 4 week roll-out and some disabled features



imageSmartphoneFrance managed to get access to an internal Orange France memo which makes for pretty interesting reading.  It confirms that the September 15th date was real after all, suggesting there has been a bit of delay, likely due to Microsoft wanting to get all carriers ready at the same time before an impressive global roll out.

Secondly it says the roll-out will take 4 weeks, to prevent server overload. That is some-what ridiculous of course – Microsoft just served 3 Petabytes of Windows 8 downloads, so 5 million Windows Phone 7.5 downloads will probably not even cause Microsoft to break a sweat, but of course the staged roll-outs are safer, as problems can be detected before all customers are affected.

Lastly the memo claims some features, such as Internet sharing over WIFI, Visual Voice Mail and Group Messaging over MMS would be disabled until a future update. While many French readers are upset about this, I personally feel that I would rather get Mango out and then have these services added in the future, rather than wait for the carrier to make changes to its infrastructure to support these, which could take months.

See the memo after the break.

As of September 15, 2011, our customers WP7 Orange mobile users will benefit from the updated WP7.5 (called Mango). The Orange mobiles concerned => HTC Mozart / LG Optimus 7 / 7 Samsung Omnia


Microsoft campaign spread over four weeks to avoid overloading servers and touch all of our clients. Receiving a pop-up on the mobile offering the update. Updated to do from a computer via Zune (The customer does not lose its contacts or its applications or multimedia content during this operation).

Special Orange

The update Mango Orange validated does not contain the following features (to come on next update):

  • wifi sharing
  • visual voicemail
  • MMS sending group

Via Professeurthibault.fr

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