Leaked: Details On Microsoft’s Plan To Sell Windows PCs And Tablets This Holiday Season



Microsoft’s market share of Operating Systems in the personal computing space is fast declining due to Android and iOS devices. Microsoft is aware of this scenario and they have formulated a plan to execute this holiday season to reverse the trend. Paul from Winsupersite has posted a long list of action items from Microsoft’s plan. First, Microsoft has plans to sell about 16 million Windows tablets to make touch Windows devices mainstream. Microsoft will spend about $405 million this year for direct marketing, offers, incentives, etc,.

  • Microsoft will focus on new Windows 8.1 features running on new tablets and devices that are coming this holiday season.
  • Microsoft is aware of the fact that consumers are confused with several OS versions in the market such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT, Windows 7, etc,.
  • Low end Android tablets are winning customers since they are confused because of fragmented strategies with PC makers, the environment is complicated, and consumers are doing their own research online while retailer web sites have not evolved to help them.
  • To reinvent Windows brand with  “uniquely innovative” devices and making the brand more aspirational.
  • Microsoft will use the word ‘the new Windows’ to refer Windows 8.1 in marketing.
  • Opening store-within-a-store locations in Best Buy other premium retailers to improve customer retail experience on Windows devices.
  • Overall messaging theme is as expected, Windows is best for both work and play. A Windows tablet is “more than an ordinary tablet,” while a Windows PC is “the only PC with touch.”
  • To improve usage of Touch apps in Windows Store by giving away $25 gift card that can be redeemed to buy apps and content on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox Stores. Offer will be available from November 15 to December 28. Tagline is “Buy a Windows Touch PC and get $25 in apps.”
  • Since only 20% of PCs that ship during the holidays will come preinstalled with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is providing retailers with a special USB-based Windows 8.1 Upgrade Kit that they can use to upgrade.

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Source: Winsupersite

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