Leaked Aluminium Variant Of Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’ Already In Mass Production?



Author Pradeep // in News


In the last few days, we saw various photos on aluminium variant of Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’ device. While we thought it must be an early prototype before Nokia later settled down with polycarbonate for EOS or it must be a prototype for future version of Lumia ‘EOS’, a new image leaked today shows a mass production of Lumia ‘EOS’ aluminium version.

Now that we know this aluminium version is in later stages of design and production, could this be released after few months of polycarbonate ‘EOS’ release? Just like we had Nokia Lumia 920/928 followed by Nokia Lumia 925.

See another picture after the break.


Thanks to hengxiang32401 for the heads up.

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