Latest update adds Trending page, more



Latest Update

Our website is a lot more like an app than a simple web page, which means we are constantly tweaking and adding new features.

In the latest update we have added the following new features which we would like our readers to check out:

1) Vote counts on the front page.

We added the ability to vote on articles in our last update, and now you can see how well an article scores even before opening the page to read it.image

2) Next to the Hot or Not count we have now also added comment counts on the front page for all articles, for readers who enjoy the conversation more than the news.image

3) Now of course the promise of voting on articles is having your articles sorted in that order. now includes the option to sort the front page as Trending (based on the votes) vs Latest, which is a good way or quickly scanning the site for the hottest articles (vs the latest app update).


4) We also have a new About page featuring the good folks who keep our site up and running.

5) There are also of course various bug fixes and performance improvements. If you notice anything still broken let us know in the comments.

Besides all these new changes, of course includes some pretty unique customization features, which can be checked our in the Settings page here.

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