Latest Windows 8.1 Build Reveals Name Changes, ‘Computer’ Is Now ‘This PC’, ‘Libraries’ Is Now ‘Folder’


9, 2013

Windows 8.1 Explorer
Latest Windows 8.1 build has revealed some changes Microsoft is making to its Explorer window. The traditional ‘Computer’ name has been renamed as ‘This PC’, but the icon remains the same. Also the ‘libraries’ has now become ‘folders’. Also the new ‘Folders’ is now available for access right inside the ‘This PC’ explorer windows as opposed to the past where you will have shortcuts in the sidebar.

It is good to see that Microsoft is improving the classic Explorer Windows experience along with the Modern UI experience. We should know about it more when Microsoft releases public preview of Windows 8.1 in June.

via: Neowin via: WinBeta

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