Latest WhatsApp beta gets calling function


Some more info has leaked from the latest WhatsApp beta versions currently in testing.

The latest new feature, clearly for those who live in the messaging app, is the ability to initiate normal (not VOIP) calls directly from the interface, which makes it somewhat more spontaneous to turn a text conversation into a voice one.

While this new function is not major a feature, the sum of all the new improvements to the client will make the new version when released a major update.

These include:

  • A proper background agent independent of the music player
  • Support to the zooming of images
  • Optimization of the notification system of messages and the app Fast Resume
  • Adding new emoticons
  • Forwarding audio and video files received from other contacts
  • Removing files received
  • Showing smiles in Tile

The WhatsApp messaging service recently celebrated 200 million users and sending 20 billion messages per day, and it is really good news to see them continue polishing their Windows Phone app.