Latest version of HTC Sense allows deletion of e-mail, does not go far enough

deletemail Pocketnow has discovered that the latest version of HTC Sense 2.5 build 2011 contains one particularly useful feature – the ability to delete e-mail directly from the Sense interface.

While this is a welcome addition, and another indication that HTC continues to refine their interface, I think adding a small menu item really shows a failure of imagination.

On this occasion the easy and fast deletion of e-mail really calls for a multi-touch gesture, possible in the form of scrunching the email up.  Not only would this have been an amazing visual (and possibly auditory) effect, but would have helped move us even further away from the WIMP UI.

So in short HTC, thank you, but how about trying harder next time?

HTC’s latest Sense build can be downloaded in NRG’s ROM at XDA-Dev here.

Can any of our readers think of more places were gestures could be used instead of menu items? Let us know below.