Latest version of China’s Open Mobile System to spite Google, support Windows Mobile API


2, 2010

wmophone In a tersely worded release China Mobile has announced the release of its Open Mobile System 2.0, which brings new features such as Scalable Vector Graphics and voice recognition support.

Also included in the release is mention “Windows Mobile API” support, unfortunately without an explanation of what this means.

OMS OPhones use a layer of software adapted to the Chinese market, running on an Android base.  The presence of a Windows Mobile API on the software is both mysterious and momentous, and either implies support on the handsets for Windows Mobile applications, or alternatively makes the OMS adaptation layer portable to Windows Mobile handsets.

China is currently involved in spat with Google over alleged government sponsored spying on Google, and we have already seen some Android-based handsets suffering from the fall-out.  This latest announcement could be another volley of shots fired at Google by China demonstrating their independence from the search monopoly giant.

Read the announcement at here.

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