Latest Skype Insider Preview update brings back Away state and adds the new Recently Active state



Microsoft recently released a new Skype Insider Preview build for Android, iPhone, iPad, Web, Mac, Linux, Linux Snap, Windows 10 PC & Android 4+. This new v8.36.76.26 build brings changes to presence on Skype. Based on the user feedback, Microsoft has brought back the Away state and also added a new state, Recently Active.

If your status isRecently ActiveAway 
Contacts will see you asImageImage
It meansYou were active less than an hour agoYou were active more than an hour ago
Can you set the status?NoYes

In the future, Microsoft will also allows you to customize the duration after which you are marked Recently Active. Skype team also noted that users of the Skype store app for Windows 10 PC will no longer be marked inactive if they have the app running and are either using their keyboard or mouse.

Download the updated app from respective stores.

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